Aether now available for Windows, Mac and Linux: Free, P2P, privacy-sensitive public communities

For no particular reason other than having run out of things that I can test in a private beta, here’s the first public version of Aether 2.

(Recap: What’s Aether?)

This is a soft ‘launch’ — I want to make sure that everything works, and the network load ramps up at a pace that gives me breathing room to fix if something goes wrong.

That said, I’ve fixed everything I know of so far from the private beta. I’ve did some QA on Windows and Mac, everything, so far, works. (Knock wood.)

When you join the network, your first bootstrap will take 2-3 minutes. Beyond that, I honestly can’t think of something going weird at this point in time. Which is the why for the public version: it needs to be broken in more creative ways. :)

Please do give it a spin, and let me know if something breaks.

Download it here.