Introducing Aether Pro 🎉

It’s time to unroll the wraps on something we’ve been working on for a while: Aether Pro.

It’s a collaboration app for your team that creates a private space with channels. It’s similar to Slack or Discord in purpose, but it isn’t chat based, instead it offers something similar to Reddit for your team. It’s especially useful for remote teams as a searchable store of institutional memory.

It works well for long-running discussions, unlike chat, and since it’s structured information storage, not a flat chat log, it remains easy to understand and get the context well into the future.

You can check it out here.

We also have an article to help you figure out if this could work for you.

We don’t have this available yet to everyone, but we have been testing it privately for the past few months, and it’s come to a point where we’re excited to show it to the world and start testing it in public. But let’s talk about the most obvious question first:

Aether vs Aether Pro, differences

First, what it is not: The currently available Aether P2P is not a “lite” version of the new Aether Pro. They are two different apps, they serve different needs. They don’t do the job of each other.

The names are similar because they share a similar look-and-feel, and happen to be built by the same people.

Here’s the gist:

AetherAether Pro
WhatApp for public communities, backed by a serverless peer-to-peer networkApp for private teams within companies or for groups of people (i.e. a private entrepreneurs community).
Common use casesReddit-like. Self-moderating interest-based public communities with elections, moderation transparency and privacy.Slack / Discord-like in membership, Reddit-like in discussion style. Focus-respecting collaboration tool for members of a team.
BackendAether Community Peer-to-Peer Network. P2P, best effort delivery. Your computer becomes part of the network and helps distribute the contentHosted SaaS. Backed by multiple-redundancy servers, hosted on Google Cloud Platform and AWS. On-premises installations available
Content availabilityAll content is 100% public, and distributed using the Aether P2P network, viewable by anyone in the world. Does not have private communitiesAll content is private to the team and encrypted, not available to the public unless without an invite
Content typesText only, media content can be linked and viewed if direct linkText, images / videos, documents, arbitrary files can be uploaded into and viewed within threads and posts backed by hosted servers (upcoming)
Data retention6 months, after which the data is deleted from the ephemeral networkNo limit. (You can choose your own deletion threshold)
CostFree & open source (AGPL-licensed), with $10/month option to buy unique usernames to support development$10 / month per member of a team

This is not the full extent of differences — Aether Pro does have more features that are only possible because it’s a hosted service, such as having unique names for its channels, users, authentication, and more. Those aren’t mentioned here, but you can take a look at the Aether Pro website to find out more.

What does it do?

The elevator pitch is that Aether Pro is a team communication app, similar in purpose to Slack. The major difference is that our app is largely based on asynchronous communication (think email-like), instead of chat.

If you consider Slack to be a modern version of IRC, Aether Pro would be the modern version of work email groups.

In other words, on top of email groups, Aether Pro adds:

  • @mentions,
  • Better inline discussions,
  • Image embeds,
  • Source code highlighting,
  • Automated reporting,
  • Bots,
  • External email binding,
  • Integrations

and more. That is what we mean by a modern version.

Sounds interesting? Take a look here to find out if it could work for you and your team.

Generally speaking:

  • If you’re an engineer, product manager or designer, thus need consistent focus to do your work
  • If your work team is past a certain size (5+ people),
  • If you’re having issues focusing at work due to team chat

Aether Pro might be able to help. We’d love to talk to you - you can book a meeting with us here if you have questions.

How to join the beta with your team

We’ll remove this 100% off code when this offer is no longer available. If you’re seeing the code below, it’s still open. 🙂

You can use the coupon code XXXX (Sorry it's gone!) to create a team and start using it. We’re running the pilots to get user feedback, so we would love to hear from you. In fact, if you’re willing to hop on a feedback call every other week, you can keep using it for free.

Future posts in series: our business model

We have more announcements to make later on, and we’ll write about our business model where using Aether Pro financially supports the Aether P2P project, and why we’ve chosen this method for supporting it as such.

But in the meanwhile, rest assured that both projects are fully within our planning scope. In fact, we’ll be cutting a new Aether P2P release with some of the backported improvements and bugfixes in Aether Pro soon.

We’ll add links to our the posts mentioned above here when they are posted.

In the meanwhile, cheers!
Aether P2P & Aether Pro team