Adding and removing members


You can find more information about access control and member types at Member types.

Adding a team member to a team

In the app, you can do this at the Team & members page (at @[yourname] at top right > Team & members). At the bottom of that page, you can add an email address of a person you want to be added to the team. This will activate a membership for the email, and the user will receive a notification. This can be done both by an admin and a regular member. This new member will be added to your subscription.

Removing a team member from a team

An admin can go to the Team & members page, and disable a member. This member will be immediately logged out and the data on his or her local machine will be purged. However, the content that the user has created will remain on your team. If you disable a member, you will no longer be billed for that member.

Reactivating a team member

An admin can reactivate a member from Team & members page in the app. This will make the reactivated member get access back to the user account that it used to have, and resume from that point on. This will re-enable billing for that member.

Auto-join for the email domain

If your team has a shared email domain, you can make anyone with such an email be able to log in instantly, without needing an invite.

For example, a team that has auto-join enabled for email domain will accept any team members with an email ending with Their membership will automatically start when they first log in.

The admin chooses whether to enable or disable this when they first sign up. They also can enable or disable this feature from the Team & members page in the app.