On-premises installations

Aether Pro is available as on-premises software for high-security and/or high-privacy applications. We can tailor these installations to your needs. We see three separate types of on-premises that are popular:

  • Installation on your own cloud (AWS, GCP, etc.) account. This allows you to control the runtime and the data that Aether Pro generates. This is possible since we also use Google Cloud Platform ourselves. If you’d like help setting up, we offer help with that too, for a set-up fee. This can also be set up in an air-gapped network with no external internet connection. In this case, your software will need to be manually updated since it will not have access to our update servers. If you need, we’d be happy to take over the maintenance of your local instance for updates.

  • Installation on a bare-metal machine in your physical office. This is useful for high-security requirements, and this might be a need for HIPAA certification.

  • Use our SaaS instance, but, point the database of that instance to your to a server you own. Your database could either be in the cloud or on bare metal. This is a good middle-of-the-road option that offers full control over your data, without the need for maintaining the instance. This would still get updated automatically like our hosted version, and you would not need to allocate money or resources for updates. In this case, you would be responsible for the maintenance and updates of your source database still, since that would be on your end.


Both our SaaS and on-premises installations encrypt the data both in motion and at rest. We use industry-standard, military-grade (as much as it is a buzzword, it is true) encryption. In the case of on-premises, we can also make it so that the encryption key is available only to you, not us. This allows for the ultimate in privacy.

Air-gapped networks

We do also offer air-gap support for on-premises installations that are fully on-site. In these cases, we charge for a fixed amount of ‘up-to’ seats (for example, up to 250 members). This is necessary because air-gapping your on-premises install severs the connection to our billing server as well. This means we cannot know the exact number of seats to charge at any specific moment. Up-to pricing makes it so that we do not need to know this information.

If you choose to go this route, this offers you the best privacy that we know of in the collaboration tools space. In this case, the app would live as an detached internal app that lives in your internal network.

If you’d like to learn about our on-premises installations, please reach out to us at support+onprem@getaether.net.