An Aether universe is the single place where your online community gathers. Each universe can have as many subs as needed, which can be created and joined by members of the community. Each sub has its own chat room, forum threads, and email newsletters. For example, official communication can be sent through newsletters, rich discussions can be recorded in nested threads, and quick decisions can be synchronously hashed out in chat. This allows members to participate in a community according to their personal preferences.

In order to serve the many types of online communities, we have designed Aether to prioritize user choices without compromising user experience. You will find the onboarding experience very straightforward, and continued engagement in a community to be respectful to your attention. The main features we built to support these experiences are explained in these pages, and here is a short read about how they are relevant to real-world communities online.

Have questions? We’re friendly

You can reach out to us at or through live chat. We’d be happy to give you a demo or talk about your community’s individual needs.