Newsletters (coming soon)

Every Aether sub has an associated newsletter, where admins and moderators may post official announcements. This allows loosely engaged members to receive low cadence communication in their mailbox without signing in to the app, similar to how one would receive a Mailchimp newsletter.

When a new user is added to a sub, whether in bulk by an admin or through a self-registration link, they are automatically subscribed to the newsletter of that sub. While newsletter is the baseline engagement, the user actually has access to the chat and threads of that sub as well. Every newsletter contains a magic link to sign in to the web app, allowing a new user to progressively participate more fully in the community as they wish.

Like threads, newsletters are also authored in Markdown, and rendered into attractively formatted emails. You may also allow comments on each newsletter, in which case users will go from their mailbox to the web app to view and add comments as they would in a thread, except these posts will not generate additional notification emails for members of the sub.

Have questions? We’re friendly

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