While a chat room is great for synchronous discussions, it can be terribly distracting and is definitely not for keeping permanent information. No one likes to catch up on their busy team chat after a week of vacation!

Meet threads.

Every Aether sub has a collection of threads, which supports nested posts like in a Reddit or Discourse forum. Unlike chat messages, conversations on forum threads are easy to follow asynchronously because they stay on-topic, organized, and information is easy to find in the future.

Posts on a thread are usually longer form, well-formatted, and better thought out compared to chat messages. Topics are discussed over days to weeks, and this longer interaction time allows less engaged community members to participate in a respectful way while creating a permanent and searchable knowledge base through rich discussions.

Users can elect to receive in-app and/or email notifications, for all posts in their subs or only when they are mentioned. In-app notifications are sent to the notification panel, which collects all notifications across universes that user is a member of.

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