User identities

Chat, threads, and newsletters in Aether all share the same user list within the same universe. You no longer have to maintain different user lists across platforms or port user emails from one app to another.

User login screen

There are several ways for users to be added to your online community. You can add each person on your team one by one, distribute a sign-up link, or whitelist a domain to allow self-registration to your private universe. In any case, an email containing a magic link will be sent to the registered email address, and passwordless sign-in to Aether is just one click away.

If you want certain subs to be public, you can let anyone self-register as they would subscribe to a newsletter. Not only will they start receiving your community newsletters, they will also have access to participate fully in the community chat and threads within the public sub when they like, offering new members a smooth and progressive onboard experience.

Have questions? We’re friendly

You can reach out to us at or through live chat. We’d be happy to give you a demo or talk about your community’s individual needs.