Moderation systems

Human communities are diverse and complex. Our digital tools need to support a variety of governance systems in order to encourage meaningful conversations. Aether supports traditional moderation that yields power to platform admins and community moderators, as well as consent-based democratic moderation that prioritizes individual user choices.

Moderation user interface

Mainstream digital platforms all implement some variation of an authoritarian governance system when it comes to content removal and banning of users. This type of system assigns day-to-day moderation tasks to community moderators, meanwhile platform admins have absolute power over control of information and user accounts. This works most of the time, but only as long as moderators and admins act for the benefit of the community.

In our article, The fair moderator, we described how consent is essential to the legitimacy of a government, and how Aether’s democratic moderation system is designed to seek consent from user-citizens. More concretely, Aether allows users to elect community moderators, and additionally, our P2P Universe support a concept called subjective moderation where individual user choices are prioritized over moderators or admins in their personal view of a universe.

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